If you're a skateboarder, then you already know this undeniable fact: the skater-owned skate shop is the heart of the local skateboard scene. It's the place where you meet up before the session. It's where you get rad stuff from small companies and homey videos from other cities. It's the shop that makes special orders for you. It's the shop that brings your favorite pros to town for demos. The chain store in the mall won't do that. Mail-order websites don't do that, nor will they go to city council meetings to help your community get a skatepark. It's really quite simple-if you care about your local skateboard scene, then you shop at your local shop and you keep your dollars within the community.

Since 1999

Infinity Skate Shop has been the backbone of the St. Louis skateboard scene forĀ 21 years now. Other shops have come and gone, but Infinity has remained. The mall stores have arrived, but Infinity is still here, supporting incredible local talent and giving them national exposure through projects like the St. Losers. Be a part of local skateboarding: support your local skate shop, support Infinity.